Authentic oriental handmade rugs made by nomadic tribes, farmers in more or less remote villages or in workshops in cities by master craftsman. Rugs carry the name of the nomadic tribe who has made them or the villages or cities where they originate from. Each kind of rug has its own traditions stretching hundreds of years back. By studying the design, colour combination and quality of the rug the origin can be determined. Sadly production of authentic rugs is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, an ongoing process that seriously picked up after mid of last century.

Classic Carpets

Our classics carpets are made from high quality wool, are extremely durable and their used condition is almost undetectable. They are ideal for those who want an original hand-knotted Persian rug and the very affordable price means that you don’t have to worry about knowing it’s second-hand. As they are high-value carpets, they are quaranteed to have been looked after during use, so even newly purchased carpets will quikly reasch this condition, making used Persian carpets a good choice for cost rationalisation.